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Troodos Mountains

Limassol, Cyprus

The Troodos National Forest Park covers an area of 9,147 hectares around Mount Olympus. The highest point is Chionistra (1,952 m) and the lowest is Moni forest (700m). It is an area of great natural beauty, suitable for activities such as hiking, winter skiing, biking, nature study, camping and picnics.

The area is renowned for its rich flora and fauna. It is home to 750 species of plants, 12 of which are indigenous within the park. Park animal life is protected. Of particular interest are the Griffon Vulture, the Raven, the Bonelli΄s Eagle, the Cyprus Warbler, the Scops Owl, the Short - Toed Treecreeper, and the Cyprus Pied Wheatear. The moufflon (Ovis orientalis), is a species of wild mountain sheep with thick sinuous horns, that lives in the wider area.

The region's rare geology includes a well-preserved ophiolite complex, created from oceanic crust about 90 million years ago. Elements of this complex can be viewed walking along one of the many Park nature trails.

Troodos has three camping sites where camping is allowed for a small fee per overnight stay. The sites offers basic facilities such as barbecue sites, potable water, benches, tables and washrooms.

There are 5 camping sites in the state forests with a total capacity of 2,400 persons in which camping is allowed for a small fee for overnight stay. The Forestry Department manages three of these camping sites while the other two that are also situated in state forest land, are managed by other agencies. They provide facilities like barbecues, drinking water, tables and washrooms. 


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